PyPI Release Checklist

For Every Release

  1. Update HISTORY.rst

  2. Commit the changes:

    $ git add HISTORY.rst
    $ git commit -m "Changelog for upcoming release 0.1.1."
  3. Update version number (can also be patch or major)

    $ bump2version minor
  4. Install the package again for local development, but with the new version number:

    $ python develop
  5. Run the tests:

    $ tox
  6. Push the commit:

    $ git push
  7. Push the tags, creating the new release on both GitHub and PyPI:

    $ git push --tags
  8. Check the PyPI listing page to make sure that the README, release notes, and roadmap display properly. If not, try one of these:

    1. Copy and paste the RestructuredText into to find out what broke the formatting.

    2. Check your long_description locally:

      $ pip install readme_renderer
      $ python check -r -s
  9. Edit the release on GitHub (e.g. Paste the release notes into the release’s release page, and come up with a title for the release.