Console Script Setup

Optionally, your package can include a console script using Click or argparse for Python≥3.2.

How it works

If the command_line_interface option is set to ['click'] or ['argparse'] during setup, cookiecutter will add a file in the project_slug subdirectory. An entry point is added to that points to the main function in


To use the console script in development:

$ bin/pip install -e projectdir

projectdir should be the top level project directory with the file

The script will be generated with output for no arguments and --help.

show help menu and exit

Known Issues

Installing the project in a development environment using:

$ bin/python develop

will not set up the entry point correctly. This is a known issue with Click. The following will work as expected:

$ bin/python install
$ bin/pip install my.package

With my.package adjusted to the specific project.